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Glass Addicts

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             Please call Denise at 407-324-5636
  to see what class specials she's running !!!
                                             Moravian Star

This continues to be one of our favorite classes. Since Denise designed this project and wrote the book in 1998, there have been thousands of these stars made and sold in shows and stores. NOW, You can make your own star under the supervision of the artists that has shown the world "How to do it!" . No experience is needed and the class includes all materials. Class will be based on the book "Star Quality" written by Denise & Virgil Hurley. (Available for $9.95)  Call Denise @ 407-324-5636 or e-mail @  for available class space.                                             

                                                                                                                        Regularly   $150.00    




      Basics of Stained Glass in just 2 hours
Students will make an 8 X 8 inch basic Stained Glass piece.. Tools and materials are provided in this 2 hour class to introduce students to the stained glass process. Learn the basics of cutting, shaping, assembling and finishing stained glass. Leave with an 8 x 8 inch piece to hang.
                                                                                                        Class Cost  $90.00 
    You Can Make A Beautiful 
                                  Beveled Jeweled Box
You can make this box with the lid that opens and closes. This same style box was sold
in high-end gift stores all over the country for up to $250.00.
Made with clear beveled glass and looking good.  4+ hours    $225.00       
Mommy and Me Mosaic Stepping Stones
               Great Project for Big and Little Kids 
Make a 12 x 12 inch RUGGED Stepping Stone with your child. Learn to continue the fun at home with many more
to add to your yard, patio or flower beds. Learn how in one afternoon and get a signed copy of the Glass Addicts book
"Mosaic With A Flair" by the instructor, Denise Hurley.
APPOINTMENTS ONLY:   Classes for Summer Sessions will run Weekdays and Weekends through August 31, 2016.
Fall schedule would be Saturday's or Sunday's depending on Glass Addicts availability at that time.
Price:   $175.00

Learn How to Select, Cut and Apply Glass to this super strong STEPPING STONE

                                           Stepping Stones


Stepping Stones:In this 3 + hour class you will learn the process shown in the  book "Dragontears" by Denise & Virgil Hurley,  on a  12 inch square stepping stone. These stepping stones hold up well in all kinds of weather (some have been in the ground year round in cold climates for over 10 years). Includes all materials                                                                              $175


 This is where you can learn

    How to build a Stained Glass Window !

Starting as a Beginner Learning the basics of building a Stained Glass piece ! In our beginner's course, you will spend four weeks (total of 12 class hrs) learning every step of the "Tiffany style" process to create at least one  12" x 16" panel.  We'll start with basic safety and an overview of the tools and materials involved.  After you've picked a pattern, you will cut, grind and fit your glass pieces together.  Finally, we'll teach you how to foil and solder your pattern into a beautiful piece of stained glass art that you can take home and enjoy for years to come.  Our beginner's course is ongoing with sessions running on Sat. from 10 am to 1 pm and  2pm to 5pm .  Weekday classes are sometimes available upon request. $495.00.    Tool usage is included.   See you soon!

                             Contact Denise @  , or call 407-324-5636


Advanced registration is required for all classes. 


When you call us at 407-324-5636, please leave your phone number and your e-mail. 

We will get back with you and confirm you class date and time.

You must wear closed toe shoes while in class, long pants are strongly advised.

Drinks must have tops that close. Bottles and cups without tops cannot be allowed in studio during classes.

Drinks are not available at the studio, you will need to bring your own.




You will create TWO Mosaic Candleholders  or  a  picture frame...ask Denise about other items. 

Colors and designs may vary.  This is a  3 hour class       No previous experience needed !

Instructional book "Dragontears, Mosaic with a Flair" by Denise & Virgil Hurley  , Glass Addicts        


Class   $ 120.00



      Beveled Treasure Scopes This unique gift item was designed and perfected by Glass Addicts and is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. These pieces have been sold

in stores and catalogs around the world and now you can learn from the artist who brought them to
life. These "scopes" are made with three beveled sides and two beveled ends and then filled with
sand & shells or whatever you would like to insert. They are great for baby gifts, rememberances
and just about anything that you can dream of that will fit inside. The scopes for this class are 2 inches by 6 inches long. Other sizes are available for additional cost.                            $140.00


                                                        Build a "Ladder of Light"
Create a one of a kind "Light Catcher" with some of your saved treasures (broken jewelry,
grandma's one earring, pieces of broken china) you bring it and we will create a "Ladders
of Light" that you will cherish for years. These can be 3" to 6" long, they are your creation,
we can advise you on the best size !!!
 You must call  Denise at 407-324-5636 to schedule your class time. The sooner you reserve
your class time, the better chance you will have to pick your day.  Please, always leave a
message and your call will be returned within the following 24 hours.  
"Ladders of Light" make excellent gifts and are easy to make after this class.   (If you pay attention)
Class fee:  $ 110.00




 This tabletop favorite is made with very specialized "front surface mirror"and has a colorful marble built-in so that you can spin it and see the designs "explode" as you hold it in your hands. This item retails in specialty shop for over $85.00. 

Learn to build it in 3-4 hours.                                                                                 $165.00







                                            "Light My Pot" 


iIn this Mosaic class we will be creating a one of a kind lighted pot for your garden, foyer or anywhere you'd think it 
would look great. The mosaic top of your pot is a one of a kind lens from the Sanford/Orlando Airport

Reservations are required. $295.00 









                                                                          Accent Mirror



This class is a  5 hour + class and is for Beginner/intermediate stained glass hobbiest. Includes materials, but you use your

own tools to cut glass.($195.00 for pre-cut class)                      $145.00






                                      Tiffany Style Picture Frames                                                                                                                                                                                      



          This class is 3 hours +          make a 3 x 5 frame                         $90.00




                                                            Night Lite


  These nightlights as gifts  can be made quickly and inexpensively with a little practice.

   This is a 3 hour + class.           Decorated with a variety of overlays.                 $90.00


 FOIL ?       

Louis Comfort Tiffany is credited with developing the copper foil method !


What is it ?



This glass was formed by being poured into a mold and made into a "slab of glass" or Dalle de Verre. It is used in certain types of mosaic installations. So the answer is SLAB GLASS







                                                 Pictures Under Glass (PUG) 



 If you love the look of pressed flowers under glass, old or new pictures, stamps or any flat object that you'd like to preserve then this is a MUST class for you. I've been told that these beautiful pressed pictures sell  for $50.00 and up! Reservations are required.  We will provide all of the materials except for the item being "sandwiched" to  preserve-i.e. flower, picture, etc.  You will be able to complete 3 small pieces and will leave with all of the knowledge and skills to continue to make these beautiful decorative items at home.

Call or email for your spot in this class.  It's gonna be a lot of fun.                                                            $90.00