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Glass Addicts

Stained Glass Creations 407-324-5636

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Michael the ArchAngel, Designed by Pierre Matisse, Constructed by Glass Addicts, Stained Glass Creations

On display recently at Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, Winter Park Fl.




 Welcome to Glass Addicts, Stained Glass Creations

We build, restore and teach in Central Florida and Beyond !

Custom Windows & Doors...Design & Construction
   Restoration & Repairs...Classes... Supplies 
Glass Addicts has created hundreds of pieces since Denise started doing glass 25 years ago. A recent project was designed and built for Baldwin-Fairchild in Sanford. The birds and trees blended in so well that a crane was seen looking in,  at the cranes in the window. (On north side of community use building on Hwy 46a at I-4.
We did a rose window (see below) as part of our nationally featured "Flowers of Hope" project. We were doing the project with the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, in Miami but  wound up having groups participate in  their local areas, from Seattle to  Hattisburg to Washington DC. and over a dozen in between. We even had participants from England and Japan.  
Since Disney called Denise Hurley over 20 years ago and asked her to design and build a carousel horse for the Grand Floridian Hotel, Glass Addicts has built hundreds of special Tiffany Style Stained and Art Glass pieces for many of the country's  top collectors, builders and home owners. This includes pieces for the Mirage Hotel and Kohl's Department Stores. 

We can help you  design, develop and build a Stained Glass piece so you can show off a special location or provide you with a sense of privacy while letting the light come in where you want it. You can contact Denise @  or by calling 407-324-5636.
We'll gladly help you with your creative investment !
 Glass Addicts also carries ready-made gift items and finished pieces ready to hang in your special spot. We are one of the top teaching studios in the country for over 20 years. We offer Classes for beginners, advanced students and people interested in only one day classes.  There have been six books published with regard to Denise's special styles and designs.
 All we need is an idea of what you would like. Cut out or save pictures of designs, of any type, along with color samples. Bring them to us and let us show you what we can do for you! Or come to our studio and we can show you samples and designs to help you get your ideas flowing!




We are located at 2418 W. First St. , approx. one mile west  from downtown Sanford on Hwy 46. Our property is on the north side of Hwy 46. at the base of the overpass at the railroad tracks. 

After following Driving Directions to reach the bridge over the railroad tracks on Hwy 46: At the bottom of the east side of the "bridge over the railroad tracks, turn VERY ABRUPTLY. This will take you from Hwy 46, to the old First St..The Next intersection is Riverview Dr.. and we are located at the corner of First and Riverview. You will see an old two story house and a fence around the property. The gate is mostly left open the gates call 407-324-5636 and we will open them for you. Park to the right or straight ahead and then come to the smaller 2 story building behind the old garage.